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Do you need a fast and convenient way to share movies, photos, and important files, even if they are terabytes in size? Discover ALLPlayerShare!

Want to see hundreds of videos and photos from your friend but he doesn't have time to upload them? No problem! Now all you have to do is generate a link to the entire directory with files, and you and your friends will be able to browse them as if they were on your own drive. No sending, no downloading, no waiting.

Or maybe you have your favorite movies that you would like to watch wherever you are?

Have you ever recorded a few minutes of 4K video and then wondered how to share just a few 30-second clips from the middle? Until now, you had to send the entire 10 GB file, and the recipient had to download it, which was expensive and time-consuming.

ALLPlayerShare is the perfect solution! Just send a link to the movie, and the person on the other side of the world can instantly start watching. No gigantic files to send, no fees, no complications!

ALLPlayerShare is also your home entertainment center - watch all movies on any device connected to your local Wi-Fi network.

See for yourself how ALLPlayerShare changes the way you share memories with your loved ones. Try it today!

Send your files as easily as never before

You no longer have to wait for movie uploads to finish, nor worry about file size limits. Simply generate a link and send it to whoever you want to share the file, movie, music, or anything else with.
No sending
No more waiting to send a multi-gigabyte file - you don't have to send anything!
No downloading
Your friend to whom you send doesn't have to download the entire multi-gigabyte file just to see the coolest part from the middle of the movie.
No waiting
You don't wait for it to be sent, you don't wait for it to be fully downloaded, you click on the link and instantly watch what you want!
No limits
No login, no file size limits, no software downloads, click on the movie and send the link, click on the link and watch!
24h, without the cloud, without a computer turned on
You don't need to have your computer turned on, you send the link and forget about sending, waiting, and watching.
The connection is encrypted, only the person(s) who receive the link can browse, watch, and download what you allow them to. The connection is direct, only between you and that person.
Home File Server
Insert memory (e.g. a USB flash drive) with movies, music into the device, and watch on any device in your home connected to the local Wi-Fi network thanks to KODI.
KODI operating on a local network is a powerful and multifunctional multimedia player that allows for easy browsing and playback of various types of video, music, and photo files on different devices.